Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My partner has been nagging me to start a blog. I didn’t want to, I want you to understand that right from the start. I have no illusions that I’m wittier or smarter or more insightful than you; besides, I have lots of other demands on my time. I’ve always thought that, if I wrote anything about Second Life, it would be a book.

And that’s what finally persuaded me. A book takes time to write too, but there’s no time pressure. It’s easy to put off writing, day after day. A blog, on the other hand, comes with a built in incentive. You’ve made a commitment to your readers to WRITE SOMETHING on a more or less regular basis. (Will I have readers? Well, I have YOU…so there. Point made. Commitment made. Thank you for providing a goad to this lazy writer.)

The name of this blog might lead you to think this is a sort of virtual travelogue, a description of the hottest clubs, the coolest places, or the best shopping in Second Life. There will certainly be some of that, but that’s the least of my three purposes here. My first purpose is to teach people about SL. In spite of endless tutorials, blogs, forums, and other resources, most people wind up floundering around, unsure of what to do or how to do it. So, this is my little contribution to clearing up the confusion. My second purpose is social commentary. I’m interested in why SL is the way it is, why people behave the way they do here, how we interact with one another and with the virtual world that we and Linden Lab have created for ourselves. So shopping, exploring and cool places will just have to take a back seat.

Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Lindal Kidd…or at least, that’s the name of my avatar, my identity in the virtual world of Second Life. What’s that? My real name? Age, Sex, Location? Sorry, Charlie…go make a friend on FaceBook; Second Life is not for you. Oh sure, there are some people in SL who freely give out their real world names, addresses, and probably their credit card numbers too. But most of my friends go by their avatar names only. Think of it as a social convention.

Anyway, I discovered SL four years ago, and was hooked almost at once. After four years, you’d think I’d be burned out on the place…but while some things are “old news”, I’m still finding new things to see, do, and experience, and I’m still meeting interesting new people. I’m a generalist…I don’t do one thing that defines my SL existence. But there are two things that take up most of my time. I help newcomers to Second Life, by teaching and mentoring. And I build things, mostly for my own enjoyment and the use of myself, my friends, and the tenants who rent space from me on my land in the Masocado region of SL. When I’m not teaching or building, I’m usually shopping, partying, or chatting with friends. You know, the stuff everyone does in SL!


  1. YAY!! Welcome to the Bloggosphere!

  2. Yay! Adding your blog to my "must read" list! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the blog and... Looking forward to new posts!

    Long time resident here but, I must admit that I have an avi under my "real" name that I use mostly for promoting my RL business which SL, has been a good resource for. I also chat up some of RL friends that I wouldn't even under my alt's!