Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hats Off!

In Real Life, hats are cool. Hats are stylish and fashionable, fun and flirty. Plus they can ward off the sun on those hot summer days. In Second Life, hats are a huge pain. Either they are so big that they look silly, or your hair sticks through them…which looks just as silly.

Some hairstyles come with a hat attached. These look really nice! But what if the hat you love is not matched to the hair you love? You can edit your hair and hat to work together. It’s not easy, but most people who see you will know that…and know that you’ve put extra work into your appearance.
  1. Stand on a pose stand.
  2. Make a copy of your hair. Give it a new name, like “hatHair”.
  3. Wear the original copy of your hair, not the one you just made.
  4. Wear the original copy of the hat, too.
  5. Use the resizing and position tools to fit the hat where you want it. Don’t worry about hair sticking through.
    Hat, with Hair Sticking Through - Uncool!

  6. Detach the hat, and make a copy of it. Call the copy “Hat4Hair”.
  7. Rez your HatHair copy of your hair next to you.
  8. Right click it and select Edit. Using the positioning and rotation tools, move the HatHair until it is in the same location as the hair you are wearing on your head. In other words, you are using the hair you’re wearing as a guide to position the hair you’re NOT wearing to be in exactly the position it will be in when you DO attach it.
    Editing a Copy of the Hair into position

  9. Detach the worn copy of your hair.
  10. Wear the original hat
  11. Rez your Hat4Hair copy next to you.
  12. Position it right over the hat you’re wearing, just as you did with your hair earlier.
  13. Detach the hat you are wearing.
  14. At this point, you should be standing on a pose stand, looking as if you are wearing hair and a hat…but they are not attached to you, only positioned in world to look as if they were.
    I Got Off the Pose Stand...Hat and Hair in Position

  15. Using Edit Linked Parts, select any hair prims that are sticking through the hat. Move, re-size, or delete them as needed. (Before deleting any prims, be sure to Un-Link them from the hair first!)
  16. As a final step, select the hat, and then the hair, in that order. Use Tools/Link or CTRL+L to join them into a single linked object. Rename it “HairWithHat”.
  17. Right click it and select Take
  18. In your Inventory, find it again, right click it and Wear. Tweak it with the Edit tools if it needs any final adjustments.
    No More Hair Showing Through!  Very cool!

You can use this process to join other objects, so that they use only a single attachment point. Some hair comes with two parts…the hair, and an optional bang. Or you can add a ring to a set of prim fingernails.

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