Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last time, we discussed hats. There are other accessories in Second Life that seem to me to be more trouble than they are worth…but my list of “meh-cessories” is probably different from yours.

Handbags and purses. The better ones come with special “handbag” animations, but these may not work correctly with your AO, depending on the “priority” of the animations in it. Higher priority animations override lower ones. Besides, all a bag does is take up an attachment point – you can’t actually carry anything in them. If you really are fond of bags, though, you can get special animations for them and incorporate them into your AO as a unique pose set.

Prim Eyelashes. I have a ton of these! They look OK with some skins, but the skins I’m wearing these days have very nice lashes painted on, and don’t really need the prim ones. Prim lashes can be difficult to edit into perfect alignment with your eyelids…and they don’t blink when your avatar’s eyes do. The alpha textures used for most prim lashes can look funny against certain backgrounds. (One designer sells lashes that use no alpha textures. Each individual lash is a tiny prim! These look stunning close up, but lose some of their charm when viewed from farther away.)

Prim Fingernails. I have a bunch of these too, and I do wear them sometimes. They look so much better than the painted-on-the-avatar-mesh “glove nails”. Until they pop off, that is. Any animation that makes your hand clench will generally cause this. Some makers’ nails stay on better than others. I’ve had reasonably good results with the ones from CCD.

Brooches. No matter what attachment point I put these on, they move as I change my pose. I’ve pretty much given up on wearing pins and brooches.

Nipples. These move relative to your body too, especially if you have Avatar Physics enabled. And they stick through clothing layers and have to be re-colored.

Prim Breasts. A step up from nipples. At the larger sizes, the avatar mesh breasts begin to look blocky, so some people wear attachable breasts instead. They are really the only way to go if you want a really spectacular set. Being prims, they do poke through clothing layers, so your sartorial choices are limited. But girls who wear tits this big generally want to show them off anyway, so this may not concern you.

Prim pussies. I haven’t found any that look really pretty, although some come closer than others. Like the boys’ genitals, these will show through clothing layers. One should remove one’s genital attachments in public…simply making them invisible with the “hide” menu command isn’t sufficient. People can see that you’re wearing them by enabling “view transparent textures” (CTRL+ALT+T).

Kitchens. OK, this isn’t an avatar accessory. But who cooks in SL? I have a bathroom in my house, true – but then, there are, um, social activities that you can do in a bathroom. Unless your kitchen counter is scripted to allow such things, I don’t see much use for kitchens or their appliances.

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