Friday, June 24, 2011

ivory tower

Owning a good sized chunk of land is a real convenience…it means I always have a place to build in relative peace and quiet, and have plenty of spare prims to build with. Not everyone is so fortunate – but even if you don’t own any land at all, you can still build things in Second Life!

There are numerous public and private “sandboxes” scattered about the grid. A sandbox is a generic term for any place that’s been set aside for building purposes. Sandboxes nearly always have autoreturn enabled, with a delay of anywhere from one to three hours. If you leave your things laying about too long, they will be sent back to your Lost and Found folder. Having to put things away every time you have to leave for a while is an annoyance, but it’s a fairly small price to pay for the ability to create things for free.

A bigger annoyance is griefers. People who get a kick out of annoying others tend to hang out in sandboxes, because they can rez their annoying toys, like particle poofers, replicating objects, vehicles and weapons. To avoid them as much as possible, rez a work platform first, and loft it high up into the air. (Just sit on it, then open the edit window and change the Z position of the platform to, say, 2500. Presto! You’re sitting at 2500m.

If you are troubled by griefers, please don’t retaliate. Many griefers want you to attack them, to give them an excuse to Abuse Report you. Stay calm, and respond to their prodding as little as possible. If necessary, teleport away and work somewhere else.

Don’t be an annoyance yourself – read and follow the rules posted by the sandbox owners.

Another great resource for creators is the Beta Grid. Instead of logging into the main grid, you can log into this “test grid”. Here you can upload textures and other items for free (it costs $L10 per upload on the main grid). You have a hypothetical $L balance here…transactions, however are not “real” and don’t cost you anything.  To log in to this grid in Viewer 2, first go to Me/Preferences/Advanced and check "Show Grid Selection at login", then select Aditi as your grid.  (Agni is the name of the main Second Life grid).

Here are a few sandbox locations. Happy building! (If you're not a builder, save these anyway...sandboxes are handy places to open up boxed items.)

Caledon Oxbridge University Sandbox (must join Caledon Oxbridge University Group to use) 

Help People Institute sandbox:

Hobo Sandbox

Freebie Folly

Whitmyre Island Sandbox

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