Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The SL Website, and Others

You know, a lot of people only experience Second Life by logging in and exploring the virtual world. It’s not interactive, and it’s not immersive and 3D, but the SLwebsite should be on every Resident’s list of frequently viewed web pages. The website contains just TONS of information and resources, not to mention news, updates, and active communities of residents. Here are just a few of the things you can find there:
  • Your account details. Your $L and $USD balances, your transaction history, your land ownership and billing information.
  • Quickly see if your friends are on line.
  • A listing of upcoming Events (you can post events of your own, too).
  • The Marketplace. A huge on line catalog of virtual goods. It’s often easier to shop here than searching for things in world. You can sell your own products here too. Having a store in world is good, but when you only have a few things for sale, you can do it cheaply in the Marketplace.
  • Classified ads for land rentals and sales, as well as other services.
  • Land auctions. Linden Lab sells off Mainland parcels through auctions similar to eBay. Most land is purchased directly from another Resident, but this is an often overlooked alternative.
  • Blogs, including official announcements and news from LL, and the resident-to-resident help blog, “Second Life Answers”. The Grid Status blog is very useful…it can give you a “heads up” about ongoing or upcoming issues like server upgrades and maintenance.
  • Community Forums on a number of SL topics. “Regulars”, people who post in a particular forum often, can develop a sense of shared purpose and community.
  • The Lindex. Click “Manage $L” in the left hand column to go to this part of the site to buy or sell $L or see market data.
  • The SL Knowledgebase and Wiki.
  • The JIRA bug-reporting system.
  • Copies of the Terms of Service, Community Standards, and other LL policies.
  • File a support ticket or contact Billing with an account issue.
  • Downloads. Download the official viewer. Often you can download and try experimental versions as well.
If being in world and browsing around the huge official website doesn’t give you enough Second Life, there’s more out there! There are several third party websites devoted to the Second Life community (not to mention tons of personal blogs like this one). Two very popular sites are SL Universe and Second Citizen Mk II. Steampunk fans, bookmark the Steamlander web page.

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