Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks for Asking, But...

Hello, avatar!

If you get this note, it's because you're new to Second Life, and you asked me for sex.

First of all, I'm not offended. It's always nice to be asked. But it's much nicer to be asked in the right way. “Hi. UR prity. Wanna fuk?” just does not cut it. Would you act that way with a girl in Real Life? I hope not.

Second, before you try sex in Second Life, you really need to learn the basics first. Learn how to move, fly, and teleport. Learn how to use poseballs and animated furniture. Learn how to take off and put on your clothes. If your partner has to stop and explain how to do everything, it really spoils the mood.

Third, learn how to emote using text. Only part of the sexual stimulation in SL comes from the animations of your avatar. Much more comes from the details provided by your partner via chat or IM. If you type “/me” before your text, the chat can be used to describe an action or a feeling. For example, if I type “/me runs her slim fingers lightly over your ribs”, the chat says, “Lindal Kidd runs her slim fingers lightly over your ribs”.

Fourth, your newbie avatar is missing something important. Before you try sex in SL, get yourself a penis, and learn how to use it. There are freebie cocks available in various places. I recommend the “Real Penis” from Dark Delights. There is a free version and one that costs money, but has more features. You will also need another skin. The skin provided with your newbie avatar has the underwear painted on, and it can't be removed.

Finally, sex in General areas is not allowed, nor is nudity or strong language. Sex in Moderate areas is allowed, but on a non-commercial basis and conducted in private residences. If you want to find escorts, sex clubs, and kink, you must go to an Adult rated area. You can't go to either Moderate or Adult areas unless you are 1) over 18, and 2) Account Verified.

To verify yourself as an adult go to and log in with your user name and password. On the Dashboard page, click My Account in the left column. Now, select the Age Verification link. Follow the easy steps. Once you have verified your account, log in to SL, [EDIT:  The Age Verification step is no longer required.  The date of birth you entered when you registered your account is your age verification.]  Open your Preferences, and in the General tab check the box “I want to access General, Moderate, and Adult content”. You will also have to check these boxes in Search to find Adult items and clubs.

I hope this information helps you in your quest to find sexual release in Second Life. It may not be as simple as you thought at first, but it IS lots of fun, especially with the right partner!

Warm wishes,
Lindal Kidd

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  1. Im new but id apreciate if you gave me a more...Hands on explination. ;)