Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Beautiful Boats!

I’ve always wanted to live aboard a big, luxurious yacht tied up to a dock at some fashionable yacht club where all the women wear diamonds at breakfast and all the men are tan, fit, and filthy rich. In Second Life, you can live your fantasy…so for those of you with a nautical bent, here are some big, fancy boats for you to drool over.

A word or two first. Boats in Second Life are of two types: driveable and stationary. The stationary yachts tend to be larger and more detailed, but (like most yachts in real life) they spend all their time at the dock. They’re really a floating house in the shape of a boat.

This is for technical reasons. Vehicles in SL are limited to 31 prims, including poseballs for the driver and passengers. This means that any vehicle is going to be a pretty basic object. However, designers have developed a workaround. Complex vehicles consist of two parts – the vehicle itself, which you sit on, and then a more complex object that you wear. This means that you can’t stand up and walk around the deck of your driveable yacht while you are driving it, but you can drive it. A second version of the yacht, non-driveable, is also provided for display at the dock.

Do not expect stellar performance from your large yacht. Region crossings can be very hazardous when you are wearing a lot of prims and scripts, and having a boat full of passengers wearing their own scripts can make things very chancy indeed.  You may be better off getting a stationary yacht and keeping a smaller boat for actually scooting around.  Some of the larger yachts even have a helipad!

Headroom may be tight. Except on the very largest yachts, there’s often not enough room for your camera in the areas below decks. Mouselook can help you navigate in confined spaces, and may even give you more of a feeling of “really being there”.

Finally, boats are primmy things. Their upkeep can cost you a pretty penny. Really big yachts can require an entire homestead sim just to rez them. Remember that you will pay around $L10 per prim per calendar month to rent land, and take note of the prim count of the boat you want before you purchase it. You cannot just rez your giant yacht, sail it out into a Linden Ocean region, then anchor it and live rent-free…auto-return will send your floating palace back to your Lost and Found folder in a short time. In SL, the same as in RL, a boat is “a hole in the water into which you throw money”.

By the way, we currently have one yacht slip open in Masocado. It will take vessels up to 30 meters or so in length with a displacement of up to 1,000 prims.  Price is negotiable depending on your prim requirements.  For those who want a floating home without the high prim counts, I also have designed a very comfortable houseboat that I've been meaning to get up on the Marketplace.  If you want such an item, please get in touch.

Some Big, Beautiful Boats:

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