Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Just Cause…or Just Because?

Time after time, I hear someone complain on a Second Life forum, “I was banned from Second Life for no reason.”

In a word, Bubba: horsesh*t. Linden Lab wants all the customers it can get. They don’t ban residents “for no reason”. They ban them for fraud, for content theft, or for being underage. You were banned because you committed some serious violation of the Terms of Service or Community Standards. Don’t come whining on a public forum that you are some innocent victim of corporate capriciousness. (OK, some people do get banned mistakenly. There is an appeals process available to you if that happens. Use it, not the public forums.)

On a smaller scale, sometimes people complain, “I was banned from (insert name of region or club or store here) for no reason.” Usually they too have committed some major breach of the peace or of manners, and annoyed the land owner enough to earn themselves a ban. Sometimes the ban is unfair. Land owners are people too, and perfectly capable of making a mistake. I know people who have merely been away from keyboard being mistaken for copybotting content thieves due to their unresponsiveness, and getting banned. If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated, your best course is to send the land owner a polite note and/or IM and explain your side of the dispute. But you must remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold, rules.” In this case, the land owner is the one paying tier to LL. They have the right to decide who they will allow on their land. Right or wrong, it’s ultimately their choice. If they decide to leave your ban in effect, you have no recourse. Except, that is, to go around trying to smear their reputation in public forums. We’ve seen that often enough that we’re tired of the Drama, and not too inclined to listen to your complaints.

All in all, it’s a lot easier to follow the rules and to be polite to people. I recommend you try it, you’ll have a much more pleasant Second Life. (It works in Real Life too!)

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