Sunday, July 10, 2011


A few days ago, I posted a plug for the Acoustic Alchemy pianos by Persephone Milk. Here’s another great product for your consideration: The MystiTool by Mystical Cookie

I don’t use my MystiTool much any more, because the thing I used it the most for, its avatar radar, is now included in the viewers I use (Phoenix and Firestorm). Nevertheless, it was a constant companion in the corner of my screen for about three years and I still dig it out and fire it up from time to time. There are just so MANY things that it does!

The MystiTool is a sort of “Swiss Army Knife” multipurpose gadget that only takes up a small bit of screen real estate (in its most usual configuration, it’s just three buttons and can be as little as one). Here’s a list of just some of its features!
  • Defense. Activate a movelock, or a nonphysical shield you can sit on to foil most attacks.
  • Offense. Several attack functions including push, orbit, or kill.
  • Ventriloquist. Make it appear as if someone else is saying what you type.
  • Avatar radar. See who is nearby.
  • Rezzers. Rez a table that always has a seat for one more, or a building platform that can take you to any height, or a pose stand, plus more.
  • Flight assist. Fly higher, or even speed up your flight.
  • Facelight. Single emitter, fully adjustable.
  • Chat spy locator. See what nearby objects are listening to local chat.
  • Keep track of favorite landmarks and your teleport history
  • Stop unwanted animations, perform facial emotive animations.
  • Get region statistics to check on lag, etc.
In addition, other people have made various plugins for the MystiTool. You can make it your AO, or your dance machine, or it can help you find lucky chairs.

Because it does so many things, it contains quite a few scripts. Some parcel owners think it contributes to sim lag, and will ask you to put it to sleep or detach it when you’re on their land. I’ve never noticed a difference in lag with it or without it, but I never argue with them…it’s their land and they make the rules.

The full MystiTool costs $L400, but you can get a simplified version for free. No one should be without at least the free version, and I bet that once you try it, you’ll want the full-featured one.

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