Friday, July 29, 2011

The New Nonhumans

We’ve always had nonhuman avatars in Second Life. Even the starter avatars provided to newcomers have included a limited number of nonhuman avs.

Some of SL’s oldest and wisest residents use nonhuman avatars almost exclusively. There are several reasons given for this.
  • No need to spend tons of money shopping for hair and clothes.
  • Guys don’t hit on me.
  • Girls don’t see me as threatening.
  • I like to roleplay.
  • I just want to be different
Recently, Linden Lab added a considerable number of new nonhuman avatars to the starting lineup. These include robots, humanoid animals (furries), quadruped animals, and…vehicles. Yep, now you can be a car or a motorcycle. Do you suppose the recent release of Cars 2 had anything to do with this? (And to the motorcycle who kept rubbing himself up against me the other day, stop that! It took me ages to get out the grease and oil stains.) One advantage of being a vehicle, instead of riding in one: You won’t get tossed off if entering a region that’s reached its maximum prim limit.

Interestingly, it seems to be the kids who like these new avatars.

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