Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tennis, Anyone?

I should get out more.

I spend most of my time in SL in a handful of places – my home region of Masocado, Caledon Oxbridge University, and the White Tiger Mentor Help Island, plus a few others from time to time. But I tell new residents to get out and explore the vastness of Second Life.

Last night I was really bored and I took my own advice. I started flying in a random direction from Orientation Island Public. Pretty soon I was lost, and I just flew hither and yon, toward whatever looked interesting. After a time, I wound up at a mainland yacht club (I love pretty boats!) Looking about, I saw not only boats but something I’d never seen in four years of Second Life: a tennis court.

I went and had a closer look. There was a free racquet vendor, so I got one and wore it. Then I noticed that there was a tennis ball floating in the air at one of the serving positions. I went over there and clicked it. My avatar did a very nice “hitting the ball” animation and the tennis ball went sailing prettily over the net.

All of a sudden I wished I had someone to play a game with, and I wondered where I could get tennis for our own sim. Yes, dear readers, I did remember to get a landmark (for once!)

Maybe I’ll take up virtual golf next!

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