Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alien Abduction!

I almost forgot to tell you!  Last Sunday, I was abducted by an alien in Second Life.

Well, actually, I sort of invited myself along.  I met this little blue guy at the White Tiger Help Island, y'see, and asked him, jokingly, if I could get a ride in his flying saucer.  Lo and behold, he produced one...and it was a perfect replica of that B-movie saucer that you may remember from "Forbidden Planet" (later stolen by Lost in Space).  We had a great flight, and the saucer even had an "alien abduction beam".

The whole outfit...alien avatar AND spacecraft, AND a ray available at a very reasonable price from the "UFO Shop".  You'll have to do your own research to get the landmark this time, I'm posting from a place where I can't log in world and get it for you.  No pictures either...hey, it wouldn't be an authentic alien encounter if I had proof, now would it?

Have fun with it!

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