Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Measuring Your Land

If you are thinking of buying a parcel of land, or putting a new house on a parcel you already have, you’ll want to know two important measurements. First, how many prims can you put there? Each 512 square meters supports 117 prims, but this can vary due to several factors. Check the allowable prims by going to World/About Land (V2: Parcel Details) and looking at the Objects tab 

Second, what are the land’s physical dimensions? In SL, we use the metric system, and all dimensions are in meters (very sensibly, I might add. There’s almost no need for all those tiresome conversions they made us suffer through in school.)

There are several ways to measure your parcel’s boundaries.
  1. Make your boundary visible with View/View Property Lines. (World/Show More/Property Lines in Viewer 2).  Rez a prim. Make it 8 meters long, and 0.5m in the other dimensions…a long rod. Place one end at a parcel corner and position it along the boundary line. Hold SHIFT and drag the prim to create a copy. Position it at the end of the first one.  Continue in this fashion to the end.
  2. Forget the yardstick. Right click the ground at a parcel corner.  Choose Edit Terrain and Select Land, and drag your selection box slowly along the boundary. The selection moves in 4-meter “steps”, so you can just count the number of steps and multiply by four to get your result.
  3. Red Border with tick marks
    If you own the land, forget the selection box. If you look closely at the property lines, you’ll see they have little tick marks in them. Each of these represents four meters (the smallest dimension allowed for any parcel of land).
If there is water on the land, it may hide your view of the property lines. You can turn off the water temporarily by going to Rendering/Types and uncheck “water”. The Rendering menu is under the Advanced menu in Phoenix and 1.23 style viewers, and under the Develop menu in Viewer 2 based types.

Remember that land dimensions are always divisible by 2.

Prims (may vary)
Full Region
Quarter Region

Eighth Region

The 4096 parcel is a common one found on private estate islands, and is a good size, with enough space and prims for a very comfortable home.

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