Friday, August 19, 2011


Just as we jump from one website to another on the internet, we can jump from one place to another in Second Life, courtesy of teleportation.

Although we take this for granted in SL, there are actually a number of interesting things about this feature.

For one thing, it didn’t always exist. When teleporting was first introduced in SL, it was much more limited than it is today. Teleporting was only allowed between Infohubs. Thus, land in proximity to these hubs became more valuable. If I recall correctly, for at least a short time there was a small per-teleport fee levied, too. But that was far back in the Early Days…since I’ve been in SL, teleporting has always been much as it is today.

One wrinkle that IS fairly new is the ability to teleport to any place your camera can see with a simple double click. This makes getting around large builds a great deal faster and easier.

There are many ways to use the Teleport feature!
  • Landmarks. A Landmark appears as a small red pushpin in your inventory. If you open it, it becomes a small window, with a picture of your destination, a short description, and a Teleport button. Or you can just double click it from within your inventory to teleport without opening it. You can get landmarks from the landmark givers that are installed in most public venues, like stores or clubs. Or you can landmark a spot yourself, by using World/Landmark this Place in your top menus.
  • Home. Everyone has a Home location in Second Life. If you haven’t specifically set one, it’s the infohub where you first arrived in world. You can set a different Home spot on Linden-owned public land, or on land you own, or on land that belongs to one of your groups. Stand on the spot you want to designate, and select World/Set Home to Here in the top menu. You can choose to log in at your Home location (Me/Preferences/General), and you can zip there from anywhere with World/Teleport Home (CTRL+SHIFT+H).
  • The Map. Double clicking your mouse on any spot on the Map will teleport you there. There is also a Teleport button that will take you to whatever map coordinates are in the Map’s destination boxes.
  • SLURLs. A SLURL is an “SL URL”. It looks pretty much like an ordinary Web link, and you can copy and paste it in the same way (use the Windows shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste things in Second Life). If you click on a SLURL in a web browser outside of SL, your Second Life viewer application will open and let you log in, taking you to that location. Clicking a SLURL in a notecard, chat, or IM window will teleport you there.
  • Ads. Locations you find using the Search feature will have a “Teleport” button. You can go there by clicking it.
  • Destination Guide. Ditto.
  • Favorites Bar. In Viewer 2 and related viewers, you have the ability to drag landmarks you use a lot to a bar just below the top menu row.  A single click on a Favorite takes you there.
  • Teleport Offers. Anyone can send you a teleport offer. If you accept it, you will be teleported to their location. You can send an offer by opening a person’s Profile, or clicking Teleport in an IM window with them, or right clicking their name on radar, chat, or IM and choosing Offer Teleport.
  • Teleport To. In some viewers, you have an option to teleport to any avatar, whether they have sent you an offer or not.
  • Double Click TP. Use ALT+left mouse button to move your camera away from your avatar. Place your mouse cursor at the spot you want to go to, and double click. NOTE: If the landowner has set the land to only allow arrivals at a designated teleport spot, you will get a message “Unable to teleport closer to destination”, or in some cases you will be teleported to the arrival spot rather than the target you were aiming for.
  • Local Teleporters. Many large stores and other locations have teleport systems to allow you to get to different parts of the store quickly. These may have many different appearances. The most common are a board with various store departments listed, or a teleport “pad” you can click to go to a single destination, or one that gives you a menu of multiple destinations. But a local teleporter can look like other things too, so look about and let your mouse cursor give you hovertips about things it’s resting on. Sometimes, a local teleporter may be deliberately disguised, such as in a maze or trap.
  • Stargates. There is actually a system that uses “gates” that look very much like the devices used in the TV show “Stargate”. However, there are some other systems that work in the same way but have “gates” with different appearances.
Sometimes, problems can arise while teleporting. You will get an error message if your destination sim is offline, or if it is full. If you are wearing too many prims and scripts, your teleport may fail altogether. In that case you may get an error message “unable to complete teleport in a timely fashion, try again in a few minutes”, or your viewer may simply crash. It has been said that a very large inventory and/or a very large Friends list can slow down your teleports. I find this to be the case; my alts, with very small inventories and Friends lists, can complete a teleport a lot faster than I can.

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  1. A couple of updates: Landmarks appear as little blue world globes in Viewer 3, not red pushpins. And there is a new teleport device, an archway or doorway that you simply walk through, instead of right clicking and selecting Teleport from the context menu. These are not yet in wide use in SL, but are found in the Linden Realms game and at the new Destination Island where people arrive on their very first login to Second Life.