Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bad Hair Days

Maybe I am just too picky…but sometimes I wonder why it’s so hard to find really good hair in Second Life. Oh, I have lots of places I like to shop for hair – but there are very few creators who get absolutely everything “just right” for my taste. I always seem to have to accept some compromise. I’ll give you a few examples and name names…but please understand, these are hair makers whose hair I actually like, own, and wear…so take any negative comments with a grain of salt. They obviously can’t be completely horrid, if I keep buying their stuff!

Analog Dog. The Dog’s hair (hair of the Dog?) has absolutely the most realistic movement of any flexi hair in SL. They are especially good at simulating the movement of a long, straight, silky fall of hair. They also have a huge range of color adjustments if you use their color HUDs. Drawbacks: Despite the color range, the Dog’s styles work better with non-realistic colors. They have a hard time looking like “real” shades. Many styles are two pieces (hair plus bangs). If you want to only take up one attachment point, you have a tedious editing job ahead of you.

Damselfly. Love the styles, love the colors. A lot of the styles can work as sets…buy several styles in one color, and it can look like you are just wearing your hair differently. Drawbacks: Those damn re-sizer scripts! Also, some styles have non-flexible locks in some odd places.

Fri.Day. Love the styles, and they do an especially good job with realistic “wisps” of hair around an updo. Drawbacks: A limited range of styles, and it can be hard to find a shade that’s exactly what I want…lots of “almost, but not quite” choices.

ETD (Now Elikatira). Once one of the leading salons in SL, with a huge selection, ETD recently re-opened as Elikatira. The selection (so far) is much less extensive, and I was disappointed…too many of the styles looked “old school SL”, with fat locks of non-flexible hair created from tortured toruses.

Sirena. I absolutely love the “up/down” animated hairstyles here. I am less than thrilled with the built in facelights, and the somewhat unrealistic color and texture choices.

Zero Style. Great if you want Asian or anime hairstyles. I love their short style “Mike”, but not many of the others compliment my face or provide a look that’s right for me.

Cake. Another store that produced only one style, Rumor, that’s “just right” for me. Also, they are very expensive!

Calico Creations. A huge choice of styles, well organized. Extensive color selection too. Good movement in the flexi styles. I think the only real drawback is that for me, their hair does not wear well, long term…it looks great for a little while, then it goes back in the inventory and I don’t tend to wear it again and again.

Truth. Another huge store. I haven’t been able to find many styles that suit me, but the ones that do are just about perfect. Get the demos, and be choosy.

Amacci. These guys have cornered the market in “severely pulled back” styles, by creating head tattoos in all their hair shades. Wear the tattoo and a bun, and look like an Italian supermodel! Absolutely enormous range of colors, reasonable prices. My only complaint is that too few of the styles match my personal taste. The ones that do, I wear often.

Are there products you use, and like, but wish “if only they would just…”? Write me!

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