Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Button Pushers

While we are on the subject of cyber-sex, let's talk a little bit about chatty genital add-ons.  There are some very popular of devices, really...made by folks like Xcite and Sensations.  These systems can take inputs from you, via an on screen HUD, or from your partner, when they click on your sensitive spots.  The genitals or other body parts respond to these inputs.

One response is visual.  An Xcite penis will get more and more erect as it is touched repeatedly.  A vagina will become more open.  The other response is in local chat...your naughty bits might say something like "Lindal moans with desire and squirms".  Systems that use an on-screen HUD might also display a bar graph, showing your state of arousal, and your partner's (if they are wearing a similar system).

Now, all this is well and good.  But some people think that gadgets like these are a crutch.  They will tell you that the only REAL way to cyber is to do your own chat emoting.  They call people who use talky gadgets "button pushers" or "clickers".
Xcite HUD Controls...So Many Buttons!

In part, I agree with them.  Chat emoting is an art, and those who are good at it are (for my taste) better and more exciting cyber-lovers.  The way two people can collaborate on the fly in writing a steamy, erotic, and arousing love scene is very stimulating.  You resonate with your partner, each of you arousing the other.  Not to mention the fact that you can save a lot of money by not buying a scripted system (plus, usually, a number of accessories and add-ons).

On the other hand, those scripted systems can be a great additional tool for cyber love play.  You can use that on-screen display of your arousal level as an additional, nonverbal tool to communicate your feelings to your partner, and to gauge theirs.  Plus, you can customize the stock chat responses to reflect your own choice of words, or even turn off the chat entirely and do all your emoting manually.

If you do decide to buy one of these systems, I'd recommend waiting until you are in a serious relationship with someone.  They work best if both participants have the same wait until you have someone special in your SLife, then go shopping together.

There are other forms of roleplay in which people take sides on this issue of "button pushing".  The "true" vampires look down their noses at the "button pushers" who use the Bloodlines or Hunger gaming systems.  The "real" dominants and submissives pooh-pooh the "button pushers" who use the Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) scripted restraint system.

In all these cases, though, what it really comes down to is personal preference.  If you and your partner find that a scripted system adds to your enjoyment, then you should use it without apology to anyone.  If you prefer to "do it yourself" and get more enjoyment that way, then save your money and type away to your heart's content!

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