Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash! Cybering class is offered again

Some of you may remember that I used to offer a class covering the basics of cyber-sex...emoting, poseball animations, and scripted genitals, and how to put them all together to create an immersive erotic experience.  I haven't taught that class in over a year...but that's changing in just a couple of days.

The class will be offered at GQ Start, starting this Sunday, September 18 at 0800 SL time.  If you're new to Second Life and want to find out what all this talk of cyber-sex is about, I hope you'll join me.  The class is PG rated...there will be no nudity and no explicit animations.


  1. Is this...8:00 AM SLT or 8:00 PM SLT? (I wasn't sure if you were using a 12 or 24 hour clock.)

  2. 0800 = 8:00 am. The twenty-four hour clock is so much easier and unambiguous. I lovez it!

  3. Thanks. I was pretty sure you were using the 24 hour clock but just wanted confirmation.

    hmmmm...*envisions a field trip*