Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rez Cooties

I don’t know what LL did this time, but a new intermittent bug seems to be going around a lot the last two or three days.  People are having problems with getting their avatars to load completely.  Appearance is variable…you might see yourself just fine, while other people see you nude, or wearing the last outfit you had on.  Or you might be partially Ruthed -- wearing a cap of brown system hair, or a female shape (particularly disconcerting if you are male).  Some of your textures may not load…your skin might be gray or flesh colored, but like a plastic doll, with no detail.

The problem seems to be avatar-specific, not related to a particular viewer or a given user’s computer.  One of your avatars may have this problem, while your alts do just fine.

Clearing cache does not seem to help, and you may find that it’s impossible to change your shape, skin, system hair or eyes, because the viewer will tell you that you are still loading.

I wish I had a sure-fire fix to offer.  The run-ins I’ve had with this have differed a bit from one person to another.  Try the usual stuff…clear cache, relog, put on another outfit (if you can), restart your computer and internet connection.  Eventually, the problem can be resolved…or maybe it just goes away on its own.  My partner put on a formal gown last night and the clothing layer parts took a good fifteen or twenty minutes to rez…but eventually, they did.

But at least now you’ll know what’s going on when you stroll into a General area and someone says, “Nudity isn’t allowed here…please leave or put on some clothes”.  By the way, when you and someone else are arguing about the nature of reality…that is, you see one thing on your screen and they claim to see something different…there is a way to resolve the issue without resorting to pistols at ten paces.  Each of you take a snapshot, and exchange them.  Make sure your snapshot shows both you and the other avatar, so everyone knows that it’s a picture of THIS time and place.  There’s a $10L upload fee involved, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid a dispute.

Hey…maybe that’s it!  LL did this figuring that they’re going to make a ton of money on picture fees!

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