Monday, October 10, 2011


It's October, and another Halloween is just around the corner.

Halloween is a fun holiday in Real Life, but it's an even bigger event in Second Life.  A Search will find you seasonal events, costumes, thousands of things to decorate your home or your region, and scary haunted houses to visit.  The Marketplace is also a good place to search for seasonal items, it can save you a lot of time compared to visiting a long list of stores in world.

I decorated our sim this year.  The biggest single change I made was to use Parcel Windlight to "set the mood".  Normally, Masocado is a sunny, tropical place.  But now, if you happen to be using a viewer that supports Parcel Windlight, it looks eerie and gloomy.  If you want to see the effect I chose, but can't visit our sim or don't have the Parcel Windlight feature, set your sky to "Ghost" and your water to "Pond".
The New Masocado Graveyard

What, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Your viewer has the ability to change the look of the sky and water that you see.  There are tons of pre-made settings that you can download and install in your viewer.  Just search the SL website, or do a general Google search of the web for "windlight presets".  You can see what presets, if any, you already have by checking the World/Environment Editor menu.

Parcel Windlight is an extension of this feature.  Using a viewer such as Phoenix, Firestorm, or the Linden Lab beta viewer, you can establish Windlight sky and water settings for your parcel of land.  Anyone entering your land who ALSO has the feature, and has enabled it, will see your land as you have designed it to be seen.

Oh...if you do visit Masocado to see the out for the pool sharks.

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