Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Real Life Attacks!

I had surgery the other day.  Nothing major, just laser surgery on one eye to give me better vision.  The doctor said to plan on taking the following day off from work.

Well, the following day wasn't too bad.  My new vision was...OK.  (They tell me it will continue to change for about a month, maybe more, so I'll have to be patient).  But the following day...ow.  Ow!  Unless I keep my eyes closed most of the time, my eye hurts.  And it especially is uncomfortable when I try to use the computer.

It feels just like something under my contact.  Which, in a way, it is.  It's the lasered cornea under the protective contact lens "bandage" they put on the eye.  But it is darned uncomfortable.  I am going back to the eye doctor today, and I am going to stand up on my hind legs and loudly demand MORE PAIN MEDS!  Preferably powerful narcotics.

If I can't be in Second Life during my convalescence, or even read, dammit, I want to be unconscious.

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  1. Awwww, I hope you feel better soon lin. - Shari