Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fangs a Lot

Vampires...they're everywhere!

Of course, the whole thing started back with Bram Stoker's novel, "Dracula".  Or with Bela Lugosi, maybe.  That suave, dangerous, dark thing is so shiveringly attractive, isn't it?  Or maybe you like those sexy Anita Blake novels.

Or of course, maybe your thing is the Twilight saga, with its teenaged angst and its sparkling vampires.  Hmpf, sparkling, indeed!  As far as I'm concerned, a vampire is, by definition, a sociopath and a serial killer.  He cares so little for others that he's willing to kill an endless succession of them in order to prolong his own existence.

Vampires have been around in SL since the (excuse me) Dark Ages.  About three years or so back, the Bloodlines roleplaying game (or pyramid scheme, depending on who you talk to) came along to provide rules and scorekeeping to what had previously been a fairly freewheeling and open roleplaying activity.

Bloodlines also created "spampires".  These people hang around newbie areas and send bite requests to everyone in sight.  If an unwary newbie accepts the request, they are "bitten" and their "soul is in limbo".  This upsets a lot of newbies.

Rest assured, if this happens to you, it will have ZERO effect on your Second Life or your Real Life.  As far as Linden Lab is concerned, you have no soul, only a credit card.  As far as RL is concerned, you may or may not have a soul (pick your religion of choice and decide for yourself) but it's certainly not affected by an animation request in Second Life.  The only effect being "bitten" has is if you decide to play Bloodlines yourself.  If you do, you begin at a disadvantage.

But if you're concerned about vampires and Bloodlines, you can get a free Garlic Necklace.  Wear it and touch the garlic bulb to activate it, and all Bloodlines players will be informed you're immune to biting.  You can take off the necklace once it's activated.  Problem solved.

If you do choose to join a Bloodlines clan, be warned:  These groups are full of petty politics, jealousies, and Drama of the worst sort.  Be prepared for a lot of Soap Opera along with your glass of Type O.

But the real reason for today's post is a minor gripe.  Linden Lab has provided some new starter avatars...a whole group of Vampire and Werewolf characters, pretty obviously intended to cash in on the popularity of the Twilight saga.  Come on, LL!  Fix the darn login and rezzing problems.  Fix the laaaaag.  Fix the region crossing crashes.  Vampire avatars?  Phooey!

They don't even sparkle. 

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