Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Does Babby Grow?

It seems odd to me, but one question that I'm often asked by newcomers is, "How do you have a baby on here?"  I suspect that the girls asking this are young, and deeply curious about this aspect of their womanhood.  I, and most of my SL friends, have had our children and don't have much interest in this activity in SL.  I don't know about you, but I think that anyone who wants to roleplay the agony of childbirth and the way your children totally take over your life once they arrive is either masochistic or has very starry-eyed notions about the whole "baby" thing.  I love my kids, and I wouldn't have missed the ride for anything...but I don't have the slightest inclination to do it again, either.

Be that as it may, you CAN roleplay motherhood in Second Life.  But, like shoes, this is one area where it's actually a lot easier in Real Life.  So pay attention, prospective pixelmoms, and let's get started.  I'm going to lay out all the steps required to fully roleplay this, but you can skip any of them that seem like too much trouble.

The Preliminaries.  Oh, come now.  I've already covered the basics of SL sex in an earlier post.  Anyway, it's a good idea to have a partner in this project.  Every baby needs a father.  Or a second mother...I have nothing against parthenogenesis.  If you're going to do this whole hog, you should actually choose someone you can live with as a partner for a long time, not just any avatar off the street.  Officially Partner with them, and have a wedding.  The whole "making it legal" thing, right?  (I'm writing this in a sardonic frame of mind, but to be truthful, most women who get to this point really are in love with their partner.  The wedding is the couple's way of showing their love and commitment.   At this point, for most people, the line between "game" and "reality" becomes very blurry indeed.  You Have Been Warned!)

Getting Pregnant. There's a HUD system that lets you simulate your ovulation cycle, and having sex with your partner on the optimum days greatly increases your chances of "becoming pregnant."

Being Pregnant.  Once you've caught, you need to buy another package.  A number of merchants sell "pregnancy kits."  Or you can assemble the parts yourself from different sources.  Your basic Second Life Build A Baby Kit consists of the following:

  • A series of increasingly pregnant shapes.  You change from one to the next at any speed you want, depending on how long you want your SL pregnancy to last.  I should think a month would be about right.
  • A "tummy talker".  This is a device you wear that says excessively mawkish things in local chat, like "Lindal's baby turns over restlessly in her womb."  Please be aware that not everyone around you wants to participate in your roleplay.  Tummy talkers in crowded areas are highly annoying to almost everyone but you.  
  • A prim doll that you can carry around after you "give birth."
Of course, you can add all the additional props you want.  Maternity fashions, a special AO with pregnancy poses, a stroller, a crib, a house in the suburbs...

Giving Birth.  The actual act of giving birth is done, like SL sex, via roleplay.  There are several hospitals, clinics, and birthing centers in SL that cater to this type of roleplay.  I've listed a few at the bottom of this entry, and you can find others in Search.

Baby Grows Up.  Once you get tired of carrying your infant around, you may decide it's time for him or her to become a toddler.  At this point, you and your partner go to an SL adoption center or use some other method to find a child avatar...another resident, whose preference is to play a little kid.  Now the three of you become a "family."

This can actually be a very satisfying way to live your Second Life...provided you pick the right people for your partner and your "kids".  I know of a couple of families that have been together for years.  However, the more usual outcome is the "father" runs off with the stripper next door, leaving you broke, out of work, and pregnant.  You Have Been Warned!

Tantra Total Woman HUD - Conception simulator
Pooterbilt Marketplace store - pregnancy kit and other accessories
Having a Baby in Second Life - free guidebook with more information
Visiting Angels Maternity Clinic - Pregnancy roleplay
Rock a Bye Babies Maternity Clinic and Birthing Center - Pregnancy Roleplay


  1. whoa thats alot 2 do jus 2 have a baby!i!i!

    1. HILARious . heeeee it is just a role play lol

  2. actually, there are several conception HUD systems...