Saturday, November 19, 2011

Phishing Scam Alert!

I am not in the habit of doing this, but a thread in the SL Answers forum compels me to post this warning about another resident, Nix: Sam's child (lllfilipolll).

This person is directing people to a phishing web page that looks just like the SL website login page, stealing their account information, changing their password, and then extorting money from them to get their account back.

Phishing scams aren't too common in SL (yet, anyway) and most people don't think much of clicking web links that other residents give them.  This is a good reminder that not all residents are friendly, and any link you get from a stranger could be a harmful one.  Be sure to check the URL of links people give you and if they look odd or suspicious, don't follow them!

For more information about this incident, see this thread.

EDIT:  November 21 update!  The phishing website has been disabled, thanks to a timely notification to the phisher's ISP by another concerned Resident.  This is a nice example of Second Life people going the extra mile to help others.

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