Friday, December 30, 2011

Inventory: Lag Demon, Yes or No?

A lot of us who have been in Second Life for a while have embarrassingly large inventories.  Mine recently went over 29,000 items, and I've embarked on a program to trim the darn thing down to a more manageable size.  But mine is far from the largest collection of Stuff out there.  I know people with 50,000, 60,000, or even 100,000 or more items!

I heard, at some remove, that Linden Lab once recommended that inventories be kept below 4,000 items.  This seems ridiculous, and I'm not sure that LL ever actually said that.  The Library alone...the folder of "starter items" every avatar over 2,000 items.

Still, a trim inventory does help teleports, I can report that from personal experience.  My alts, with not much more than the Library in their inventory, log on and off and teleport much faster than I do myself.

And the other day, someone passed on another unsubstantiated claim...that having a smaller inventory can help reduce lag.  When I posted this thought in a group chat, some computer-savvy people pooh-poohed the idea.  After all, the inventory is maintained on a separate server, not the region server.  But I can't help thinking that there may be something to this notion.  If a smaller inventory lets you teleport faster, then there is something about it that the region servers are doing something with.  And it would follow that a smaller inventory could possibly also reduce lag while in a region.

We'll see.  I took some frame rate measurements recently.  Using Firestorm, when I am in my skybox, I see about 22fps; on the ground at Masocado, around 10 fps.  I'll report back after I've thrown out some of this junk I'm lugging around.

Meanwhile, there is another bug you all should know about.  It appears that some people are not receiving off line IMs or inventory offers (including purchases from the Marketplace).  The workarounds for this are:
1.  Be sure you are on line and not in Busy mode when making purchases from the Marketplace or when people are sending you things, OR...
2.  If you have an empty Block (Mute) list, block someone, or some object.  The people experiencing this bug seem to have one thing in common -- nobody on their Block lists. 

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  1. I'm only fairly savvy, but I can't imagine why those folks would say inventory has nothing to do with it. (where the inventory is being stored doesn't take into account how much you have in your inventory...and it is important.) If you have 5,000 inventory on said server vs 20,000, which is going to perform better? ...Anywho, I've recently reduced my inventory by 16,000 (I'm now at 51,191) and I have seen an improvement.

    Something else I've been playing around with is removing all language files/folders from inside the SL application contents. Not just in the xui folders in the default skin (and other skin folders), but any .lproj folder that isn't specifically english gets tossed. My game has no performance issues from deleting them, I just can't say how much it is actually helping. I feel there's no reason for my game to read through those files when they aren't going to be used by me.

    Additionally, if you are not using media and voice disable them AND stop the SLplugins from running (via task manager OR activity monitor depending on your machine). I've heard of people actually having up to 8 SLplugins running. I have an iMac and typically have 4 running but I stop them. One will keep popping up as I use the search feature but it uses minimal game and system resources. I only enable media or voice if I'm using it.

    And lastly, as you already know all too well, I have better fps when my ARC (old terminology) #s are in the green or yellow and lower fps when I'm in the red.

    Good luck Lindal! I look forward to your follow-up posts on this topic and all others!