Saturday, January 28, 2012


It seems that no matter how often Linden Lab squashes a bug, sooner or later it comes back again.  The latest one is the old problem of "ghosted" avatars.

By this, I don't mean that your avatar looks like a cloud.  That's a different problem -- while you may look like a ghostly cloud of vapor, the technical term for it is "bake fail".  Your textures have not downloaded successfully.

Ghosting is another matter.  You crash, or log out.  Then the next time you go to log in, you get an error message:  "The system is logging you out.  Please try again in a few minutes."  If you keep getting this message after two or three tries, you are ghosted.  Your avatar is still in world, but your computer isn't connected to her.  This is a very frustrating phenomenon.  People can go to where you last logged out, and your avatar is there...just unresponsive.  And you can't get back in.

Linden Lab claimed to have fixed this problem, back before Christmas.  But this week, it's resurfaced.  There is a Grid Status report on it here:

If the suggestion there (logging into a different region than the one you left) does not work, there are a couple of other things you can try.

1.  Log in with a different account (an alt).  Pay your ghosted account $1L.  This is often enough to break the log jam and complete the failed log out.  If you don't have an alt, contact a friend who can get in world and try the same trick.

2.  Contact Support.  If you are a Premium member, you can use Live Chat.  Otherwise, you will have to submit a support ticket.  Links to both can be found here:

There has also been a JIRA (a bug report) filed on it.  You can see that here:


  1. Oh oh I have a trick for this that works! Where ever I last logged in at: "my home", or "last location" - I choose the OTHER one... and I reliably get right in! I've no remote idea how I discovered this. Probably Lin told me, but she's contracted my contagious horrible memory.

  2. Yes, it happened to me a few months ago, it seems that i m not being hit by this new one (can it be because i still use old phoenix pre mesh, lol)!
    Always the solution was to login from a diff region!

  3. There is another trick which does work (I helped de-ghost someone with it today!), but is a bit tedious.

    There is a sort of refresh cycle with sims, lasting about fifteen minutes - and, at one point in that cycle, ghosts will actually *register* as being logged out. The trick is to send messages continually to the ghosted avatar until you get the "(name) is offline" response - at which point, you email (name) and tell them to log themselves on darn quick! (If you actually are (name) and are using your alt, it's a lot quicker.)

    They will be able to log on normally during this window. It might be necessary for them to go to the sim where the ghost is, though, and confront it. (Being on the same sim twice forces it to work out which one of the two is real.)

    Can't remember where I heard this - I thought I'd read it here, but apparently not! But it does work.

  4. glorf i do that too. i have an alt, b ut hes not age verified. i use him to send my av constant messages. it takes a while but it works