Monday, January 9, 2012

My Kingdom for an Undo

Crap, crap, crapcrapcrap.  I did it again.
It's my partner's fault, really.  She bought us an assortment of great new couples dance animations for Christmas.  Once we got them installed in our dance ball, I realized that they deserved a better setting than our tired, down-at-the-heels club build.  So I decided to build us a new one.

Over the weekend, I started the project.  When I build, I tend to sink into a trance-like state and just keep at it, oblivious to the passage of time, for hours.  Saturday, I finally stumbled into bed at about 5 a.m.  Sunday night, somewhere around midnight, I got the thing to a point where it was ready to be lowered to ground level and moved into place.

But I messed up.  Somewhere during the process of trying to select all the prims, and then moving and rotating the assembly into position, I introduced a couple of degrees of rotation in the X-Z and Y-Z planes.  In other words, I tilted the bugger.  And then I didn't notice it until it slowly began to dawn on me that when I moved things from one side of the building to the other, they didn't line up like they should.

A couple of hours of laborious prim-by-prim realignment later, my new club is finally squared up again.
Mostly.  I think.  Except that every so often, I'll notice one bit that I missed.

The building tools have an undo function, CTRL+Z.  Unfortunately, it only works for one level of backpedaling, and sometimes not at all.  If you use the numeric number entry boxes to make your change, there is no undo -- only if you use the movement and sizing handles.

I'm sure that every builder in Second Life would fall down and bow in the direction of San Francisco if only LL would implement a multi-level undo function like Photoshop's...and like every serious content creation tool on my computer, from the word processor to the video editor.


  1. I have to agree with you, one of the reasons i have such a big inventory, when im building and i work mostly with really small prims linked together, its much better before you link 1, just to make a copy of the 1 before, that way if you mess you can always rezz it on the previous position!
    And the undo is really a big limitation, but trully, LL is not bother with the ones that still buiild in world:( if not why would never let that horrible v2 interface to be released in 1st place, and im glad that at least v3 builod tool seems as good as phoenix 1 (At least the 1 on exodus, even having a feature that for me is really important, to disable the highlight of selected prim!

  2. Undo would be so useful. I just keep taking a copy ... and another ... and another ... just in case

  3. It was not either may fault! (Goes and cries on her axes...)

  4. This is the problem with being a Public Figure. One's family and friends read one's blog.

    (waves to Eveline!)