Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evolving the Language

As we introduce new technologies, we come up with new language to describe them.  Think about words like "airfoil" and "slipstream".  A hundred years ago, they did not exist, but now they are in, if not everyday use, at least in common use by people talking about airplanes and aviation technology.  Or all the acronym-laden jargon of the computer age -- RAM, pixels, inkjet, CPU, GB, HDTV, CMOS, SSD.  Old words are dusted off and given new meanings, too.  Consider the humble "mouse", or the word "cache."

Second Life has produced, and continues to produce, new vocabulary of its own.  "Rez", for example.  This term was borrowed from the movie Tron.  It has several meanings:  To create an object in the virtual world -- "Rez a cube and pull up a seat."  Or it can mean dragging something out of your inventory and into the world.  "I rezzed my house."  Or it can mean letting the entire world come into focus around us, or ourselves coming into focus for others, following a teleport to a new location.  "Wait until things have rezzed for you."  "You're still not rezzed for me, darling."  Other terms abound, like lag (not unique to SL, of course), perms (short for permissions), and poseballs.

I like encountering new words, even if they are horrid neologisms.  (Oh, for pity's sake.  Go look it up!)  Recently, I ran into the following:

Script tease - Taking off highly scripted items to reduce lag.

Divafy - Making one's avatar more beautiful.

and my own addition from yesterday, SLeaze -- used to describe an ugly build in Second Life.

What are some of YOUR favorite SL words?

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  1. There is of course, Drama, meaning, someone causing trouble in world due to their own emotional reaction to things they think others have done to or about them that's contrary to what THEY want. Someone, rightly or wrongly, thinks their toes have been stepped on, and so pitch a fit. I've also heard the expression Drama Queen and Drama Whore lately, for someone who REVELS in causing disruption, in claiming that others have wronged them or whatever, because they like the feeling that everything revolves around them.