Sunday, February 26, 2012


I had another late night encounter last night.  I popped into the Adult Infohub at Oritz, to see what the Sex Maniacs were up to.

Apparently, not too much.  I didn't spy any Wild Orgies going on.  But, while I was looking about, a relatively new person came up to me and opened an IM.  Apparently, he didn't speak much English.  His come-on was a model of wit, tact, and brevity though.  He said merely,


I said, "No, but thank you for asking".  There was a lengthy pause, and he replied,


Some people might've been offended, but actually, I was touched.  We could barely communicate, but somehow this lad came across as being, basically, a nice guy in only two words.  Here's to International Relations.


  1. The five Adult infohubs are all covered by the same general "Welcome Area" rules as any other hub, so you *should* be no more likely to see wild orgies there than in a General or Moderate hub. Of course, since those rules are never enforced... you're still no *more* likely to see wild orgies there than in a General or Moderate hub.

    Oritz, IIRC, is the only Adult hub to have any noticeable personality of its own - the others are four identical clones, and designated "safe" hubs, presumably as a refuge from all that desperate carnality you (are supposed) to find on Zindra. Unfortunately, I've never found the personality of the Oritz hub particularly appealling! - my guide to infohubs (which I *must* get around to updating sometime) talks about this one in terms of business conference centres and early Kraftwerk videos. Not topics calculated to bring a rush of blood to the head.

    1. Miss Bulmer, dear readers, is a dedicated explorer of infohubs and her compilation of information about them is quite useful. As for the orgies, I was speaking with my tongue firmly in my cheek!