Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Nanny State Mentality

Oh look!  A blog post that is NOT about the new changes to LL's Third Party Viewer Policy!  That's being discussed elsewhere...pretty much EVERYWHERE else, so I'll pass, except to say that both Inara Pey and Glorf Bulmer have some of the clearest and most well-reasoned reports I've seen so far.  Check them out.  I'll wait...

OK...back now?  I have a bit of a rant too, but on a different topic.  Several times this weekend, I've been asked the question, "How do I report so-and-so to Linden Lab?  They said nasty things to me!"

Well, it's easy to Abuse Report someone.  Just go to the Help menu, choose Report Abuse, fill out and submit the form.  Linden Lab will take it from there.  Of course, you won't find out if they actually took any punitive action against the person who offended you.  And, truth to tell, they probably won't do anything about this sort of complaint unless it is truly egregious. 

But that's not the real problem, as I see it.  The problem is the victim...the person who is doing the complaining about that nasty person who said nasty things.  They want to report the problem to The Authorities, and they insist that The Authorities Do Something To Stop This, and do it right now!  In short, they are displaying a very childish approach to life, and they want Linden Lab to be the parent who steps in and fixes all their problems.

Having been a parent myself, I sympathize with the poor schnooks at Linden Lab who have to read and deal with these Abuse Reports.  I've been there.  "Moooooommmm!  He's touching meeee!"

I have but one thing to say to these little kids:  Suck it up.  Stand up on your hind legs and take charge of your own Second Life.  There is even a handy way to do's called Block (or Mute, for those with older viewers.)  If someone is being a jackass, right click their avatar and select Block.  Or if you have done a sensible thing and teleported yourself off elsewhere, call up their Profile, and select Block from there.

Instantly, their avatar will become a two dimensional, gray silhouette.  You will no longer hear their chat or their gesture sounds.  You won't receive IMs from them, and they cannot send you any notecards or other inventory items.  In effect, they have been erased from your Second Life.

Problem solved, and without any need to call on Big Brother.

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