Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've known Glorf Bulmer for some time.  Glorf is one of the pleasant and helpful people who make Caledon Oxbridge University such a delightful (and useful!) place for newcomers to learn about Second Life.  Glorf also is one of the best people I know at general roleplay (the Victorian Steampunk theme of Caledon).  She plays the intrepid mad scientist with wit, humor, and panache, taking you into her wacky world while at the same time being open, friendly, and informative. 

Glorf recently opened a small shop in Steam Sky City.  There, she offers some of her whimsical creations.  I bought an Infallible Divinatory Sphere (a sort of steampunk Magic 8 Ball), and an Elephant Gun.  This latter is not for killing elephants...instead, it's for killing your foes WITH elephants, which it fires off at considerable velocity.

After testing out the diabolical device (and littering my property with spent pachyderms), I sent Miss Bulmer an IM complaining that this gun of stupendous power lacked an appropriate "bang".  She responded within hours, with a full refund AND a revised, bang-equipped, Elephant Gun for both me and my partner.

That's the kind of customer service on which commercial empires are founded.  Please visit her shop, Hebe GBE, and prepare to be amused.  You can also see a list of her initial offerings at Glorfblog.

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