Saturday, March 10, 2012

Destination: Unknown

All right, dear readers.  The name of this blog is "Across the Grid with Lindal Kidd", but it has occurred to me that I've done very little exploring of the grid and reporting back to you.  Mostly, we've been covering two areas:  how to use Second Life, and social issues. 

So, I'm going to TRY to get out more, find some interesting places and tell you all about them.  But...where should I go?  What places do you WANT to hear about?  You can tell me in the Comments here, or send me an email...lindalkidd120(at)

Or you can let ME pick.  I'll try to surprise you.


  1. Near the Ambat infohub, there is a tall spiralling tower thing, and in it is the Gallery of the Impossible.

    This is a place that tries to maintain info displays and LMs to some of the more amazing builds in SL - they don't always keep things up to date, but I have found some incredible places through there; things like the "interpreted Macbeth" art sim, and the quite gob-smacking builds at Alpha and Omega Point.

    The Gallery of the Impossible is definitely worth a look, I think!

  2. Lindal, I suggest Treptower Tower at Eagle Crest. It's a replica of an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. The sim is very well done. Hugs!

  3. I'm hoping you can still visit Os grid sometime soon, cause its gettig bigger, better and still so free;)))

    1. I do visit OSGrid occasionally, and I keep my regions there up and open as much as possible. I just find SL to be much more interactive and interesting, at least so far.

  4. To be honest, even if i cant do on Os grid some of the things i love most on Sl (Racing Nascar at R.I.R sim, surfing the waves at out homestead, riding the bikes i made on several places, being a slut, lol), I can do a lot more then on Sl.
    The only way i can explain how amazing creative and how much more Open sim FREE assets can offer is visiting our Pg regions, Saphyre Castle and Saphyre Harbor, or our full adult ones, ZZTTT, ZZTT1 and ZZTT2.
    And even if Pearl Dreams region on Second Life, open now for adult visitors, can offer any, much more then our regions on OS grid (surf, rezers of all sorts of sports, bikes, cars and the best sex animations any can find, plus what i honestly believe is one of the most amazing proofs how 3750 prims can do wonders!), nothing like creating your world from scratch, All of it!