Monday, March 19, 2012


OK, so after promising I'd get out and explore SL for you, I did nothing of the sort this weekend.  Instead, I spent most of the time working on a new build.  I've created a comfy little A-frame chalet, with pleasant touches like a spiral staircase and an upstairs balcony off the bedroom area.  I've worked hard to keep the prim count low...and I'm thinking of trying to lower it even further by re-creating the build as a Mesh object.  But...that would be Work, as I haven't used my modeling program in ages and my skills are beyond rusty, well into "corroded into immobility".

I also hunted Air Kraken in Caledon.  Apparently, these large flying squid come forth in the spring for their mating flights or something.  I found a bazooka to be an adequate weapon -- my trusty .45 auto was completely useless for the job.  The kraken are wily creatures, tending to fly over regions where one cannot rez ammunition.  And if you get too close, they attack your aircraft.  I spent considerable time hosing squid slime from my airship and myself.

Sorry, no pictures!  I was too busy flying and shooting to employ the camera as well.  Next time I'll use an aircraft with weapons built should simplify the job considerably.  Not to mention that a canopy would be a nice accessory for keeping those slimy tentacles away from my person.

Oh, wait!  I DID visit one new place...a new hair store (new to me, anyway) called HairARt.  They have some lovely styles, including some that are like Sirena's animated can wear them either up or down, and your avatar does a little "fussing with my hair" animation when you switch.

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