Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Rude Visitor

Last night, I was standing on my balcony in Second Life, sorting inventory.  Out of nowhere, an IM pops up, and someone I've never spoken to before begins to chide me for false advertising.  "Your (boat rental) slips are set to 300 prims, not what you said" he accuses me.

I checked my radar, and sure enough, the person is hovering over my sim.  I explained that yes, the slips are set to $L2,495 per month and 300 prims as a default starting point, but that rentals are negotiated with people on an individual basis, as yachts vary so greatly in their prim requirements.  I also pointed out that all our advertising makes this clear.

Now, in fairness, I admit that the rude interruption and the confrontational tone of his opening IM rubbed me the wrong way, and my response was not worded quite as, I've indicated above.  Well, actually, I called him a dumbass, if you must know the truth.  In other words, I continued the conversation in the tone in which it had begun.  Naturally, it continued its downhill slide.  He called me a bitch.  This resulted in the gentleman receiving the Lindal Kidd Mute&Ban Prize for SL Jerks.

There are two lessons to be learned here. 

1.  Don't open your conversations with strangers with a criticism, and it's best not to open one in IM.  It's simple good manners to land, let yourself be seen, and say "hello" in local chat first.  Then, politely mention that you have a problem with the person's (behavior/dress/products/services/insert topic here).  If my visitor had shown me a link to the post he felt was misleading, it could have saved us worlds of acrimony.

2.  When some jerk does sneer at you out of the blue, keep your cool.  I wish I had kept mine better, it might have prevented the addition of another person to my Mute and Ban lists.  Perhaps not, but now I'll never know.

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