Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Among the Inmates of Bay City

Everyone who uses Second Life is crazy, we all know that.  But within our vast virtual asylum, there lurk other, darker places for the insane, unstable, and mentally unbalanced.

I visited one today, the Channel Island Asylum in Bay City.

The Welcoming Entrance
It was dark and gloomy when I arrived outside the gates, and it only got darker.  Passing through the heavy wrought iron gates (left ajar by some careless guard or escaping maniac), one enters a dirty, run down institution.  The linoleum floors are long past needing replacement, and rats scurry everywhere.

Passing the reception area, one walks down a long corridor, lined with rooms where the nonviolent patients are housed.  I thought that if one were not already depressed on admission to this facility, a short stay would ensure the condition.
Just Another Nut in the Booby Hatch

At the end of the corridor, a non-obvious and narrow stair leads to the second floor.  This is the violent ward, and the cells are padded.  Inside one, I could see a nurse preparing to give a raving, straitjacketed patient an injection.  At one end of this floor is an operating theatre, with a very unfortunate patient on a gurney.  At the other end is a rickety stair leading to the attic.

The true horrors of the asylum are found here in the attic.  A dead body, still oozing blood from a huge knife wound in the back, sprawls on the rough wood planking.  A couple of other bodies are hung up, wrapped in plastic bags.  (And just how often IS pork on the asylum menu? I wondered queasily.)  In one corner is a Thing In A Crate, and you can take a copy of him home as a souvenir of your visit.
I Didn't Do It!

He's So Cute!  Er...I think.
Highly recommended for dark roleplay, or for visiting during the Halloween season.


  1. Hee! My lamentable colleague, the tedious Miss Zetford, spent quite some time at the Asylum... they let her out, eventually. (Can't think why.)

    I was charmed to discover that, in the recent spate of building on Bay City, a hotel has opened up in an analogous sort of location on the west of the city. If you need to visit, say, a colleague undergoing a rest cure at the asylum, you could stay overnight at this hotel and enjoy the same sort of, ahhh, ambience....