Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Toast to Toast

This one has nothing to do with Second Life, but everything to do with bloggers.

I never intended to have a blog.  The very word is a horrid neologism that calls to mind substances with unpleasant odors, textures, and orgins.  There were three people who played a part in convincing me to try it.

The first was my Second Life partner Eveline.  She is (completely without justification in my opinion) convinced of my intelligence, wisdom, insight and compassion, and nagged me incessantly encouraged me to "reach a wider audience".

The second was my friend Zippy.  Zip is an academic, and believes that everything worth discussing is, or should be, written down.  Chat and IM is too ephemeral a medium for her; ideas must be chiseled in everlasting pixels, set down for posterity...and then dissected, debated, discussed, and argued.  Actually, she wants me to write a book...THE book, the definitive work, on virtual worlds and their social ramifications.  The blog is a compromise position.

The third is a woman I've never met.  Six years ago Karen "Toast" Conger and her husband sold almost everything they owned and became cruising liveaboards, traveling the world with their three daughters aboard a 40-foot catamaran.  Toast writes of their adventures with wit, insight, and humor.  Her blog is a wonderful window into the cruising lifestyle.  It also speaks to any parent.  We nod and agree with her as she chronicles the day to day family crises and triumphs...and share her pride as her girls grow to womanhood.  Toast taught me by her example what a blog can be.  I'm not in her league, and my subject matter isn't as widely appealing as hers...but if I have an idol in the blogosphere, someone I want to grow up to be, it's her.

You can find her at Toast Floats.

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  1. Well of course I nagged you incessantly! How else do wives get anything done? This is time-honored technique you're describing here, dear Lindal :))