Monday, May 14, 2012

The Straight Skinny

Woohoo!  I lightened my inventory today.  A lot.

I had no idea how many skins (both "real" skins and demos) I had accumulated.  Yesterday and today I went through them, trying on and discarding.  In the end, I'd eliminated over 500 items from my inventory.  Five.  Hundred.  Yikes!

My Photo Album and Textures folders are even worse.

So my question for you all, dear readers is:  What's in YOUR wallet?  (And does it really need to be there?)


  1. Oh dear! I have just managed to get my inventory down below the 53k mark it cracked a little while back.... Main offenders, to date; useless notecards, and dead and/or duplicated landmarks. I have some plans, though, for further winnowing!

    (Unfortunately, I took a side trip to the Ashraya Project fashion fair which had... kind of the opposite effect. Oops?)

  2. 42000 Items and rising!
    but as long as i have it organized, its just a pain to wait after clearing the cache!

    1. What is this word "organized"? I do not comprehend your Earth language....