Sunday, May 20, 2012


The other day my partner took us to a new store she'd discovered.  Well, sort of a store.  It's a ratty little airplane hangar stacked to the rafters with wooden crates containing...WarBugs.

WarBugs are terminally cute little pudgy, round-bodied airplanes.  They look more like something unbolted from an amusement park ride than the Terror of the Skies.  (In fact, you can buy a WarBug merry-go-round!)  But, unlike my super-scale, super-fast F-104 Starfighter, WarBugs are FUN!

I Feel the Need...The Need for Speed
(Don't get me wrong, I love my Starfighter.  I take it to Hollywood Airport, put on my flight suit and helmet, and taxi around, feeling like Jackie Cochran.  But it's a sure bet I'll go down in flames if I actually FLY the beast.)
The WarBug Version of the Starfighter
Just Add Darth Vader!

Anyway...these tiny planes are very maneuverable, but they fly slow, so it's easy to stay in one sim and not worry too much about region boundary crashes.  They take off in about ten meters, so you don't need much of a runway.  They have cool engine sounds.  They have guns, and you can buy a bomb-drop accessory for them.  They have other accessories aerial obstacle course of asteroids or planets, and various aerial targets you can shoot at and blow up.  You can dogfight in them, and scores are kept on the WarBug web site.

Note Scale.  Tinies can fly these, but so can Big People
There are all sorts of styles available, from a WWI Fokker Triplane to Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.  Plenty of prop planes, jets, and even rocket ships...all with that cute little gravy boat fuselage.  If you try one, I pretty much guarantee you're going to want one!  And you can try them at my home sim of Masocado.  I built a little WarBug airport, and put up a rezzer so everyone can have some fun.  Don't buzz the condos, please.  Well, not more than twice, anyway.

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