Saturday, July 7, 2012


I had an interesting chat last night with a student in my Land Basics class at Caledon Oxbridge University.  She was interested in how to find mainland for a "fair" price.

After some discussion, it turned out that what she meant by this was "less than $L1 per square meter".  That rather made my eyebrows go up, because I happen to think that mainland at that price (the price LL is charging for Abandoned land) is quite the bargain.  I well remember the days when mainland sold for $L10, $L15, or even much more per square meter.

But, by setting the large amount of Abandoned mainland at this price, Linden Lab has essentially created a "new standard" for mainland pricing.  There is so much Abandoned land out there that private land owners needing to sell their parcels must consider the $L1/m2 price a ceiling unless there is something special about their land, such as being protected waterfront.

We did a bit of Searching, and sure enough, we got significant numbers of results with the search parameters set to a price of between $L0 - $L0.5 per square meter.  (Actually, the Search box does not let you set a "per square meter" price range...we looked at parcels of a set size (4096 square meters) and a price range of $L0 - $L2,500.)

It's got to the point where the real consideration in buying land is not the initial cost, it's the monthly tier (well, tier always WAS the biggest expense of land, but most people shopping for a parcel didn't really think that way.)

When looking for mainland, buyers can afford to be choosy.  There is no need to settle for a patch of bombed-out, badly terraformed land surrounded by ugly builds and tall "privacy screens".  I know of one 4096 parcel on a steep, snowy mountainside with an absolutely gorgeous view that has been on the market at $L1/m2 for a couple of weeks now with no takers.  But if you want land for a skybox, some of that "garbage" land can be had for almost nothing. 
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  1. You are right, tier has always been the actual problem. In my opinion owning mainland is simply not an option anymore if you are price-conscious. I have been renting a house for several months now at a very decent 350L$/week and get 125 prims on top.
    Chili Theas