Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Abandon, Land!

As I've mentioned several times, there is a lot of Abandoned land on the mainland these days.  A LOT.  There is so much of it that LL has for the most part stopped trying to cycle all of it through the Land Auction process.  Instead, land that is Abandoned back to "Governor Linden" is automatically set for sale to anyone at $L1 per square meter.

After having one's unwanted land set for sale for a tier billing cycle or two with no takers, just walking away from the ongoing monthly expense does, I admit, start to look pretty attractive.  But consider this:

In this land glut environment, there are a lot fewer land speculators/developers than there used to be...but there are still some out there, and even if you can't sell your land at anything close to what you paid for it a year or two ago, you can still sell it for SOMETHING.

Instead of Abandoning your land, set it for sale at something less than $L1 per m2.  Then wait.  If a landbot doesn't show up pretty quickly to take it off your hands, lower the price a little.  Keep on doing that until one of those automated land-grabbers does show up and buy the land.

Or, you could take the longer-term, constructive view.  BUY land.  Become one of those land developers who buy up little parcels all over a bombed-out region, join them together, terraform them and add a few landscaping touches to make it all look pretty again.  Then sell it...or rent parcels there.  Think of it as being engaged in Virtual Urban Renewal.

Bombed-Out, Abandoned Land

Restored Land

Will you make money?  Probably not.  But you'll at least be doing your part to improve the virtual world we live in...and that's a Good Thing.

Personal note:  My first Mainland was in the Lebettu region, where I owned half the sim, with some business partners.  A few months ago, I returned to Lebettu...I was dismayed to find that it looked rather like the first picture here (although that picture was NOT, in fact,  taken at Lebettu.)  When I went back there today to get pictures like the first one, to illustrate this article, I found that someone had restored the region...the SECOND picture IS taken at Lebettu, and I'm very grateful to the current owner(s) for returning it to something like the beautiful place it was when I was there.


  1. Regarding "combat zone" land. After reading your article I went looking for some land to consolidate - found instead, in Zarflabbo, a situation where there were numerous small parcels, but none that I could patch together. I wonder if the landowners have deliberately subdivided the land and then abandoned it in pieces that are not usable. They could be doing this simply to reduce tier, but it leaves an ugly landscape.
    I can see their point of view - I think it is unfair that if I own a 512 parcel I have no tier, but if I own 513 I will be paying $5 a month. That might make me chop off the 1 meter bit to reduce tier. I think Linden Labs could work out a better formula for charging monthly tier - they could use a calibrated scale instead of flat cutoff points.
    I'm as guilty as anyone. Recently bought a 512 piece of abandoned land that was right in the middle of a "donut" of Linden Land. I reasoned that even if the Lindens decided to auction off the "donut" no one else would be interested in buying it with me right in the middle. Anyway, my two cents. Do you think Linden Labs could be persuaded to change the way they charge tier?

    1. People have moaned about the coarse "steps" in the tier system for years. But LL seems content to leave things as they are...darn it.

  2. I found another example in Labro of land that has been subdivided and then abandoned so that there are few usable parts. There is a center square that is occupied, surrounded by a larger square that has been subdivided into 8 parts, some as small as 192 meters, surrounded by a ring of 52 -16 meter parcels, and then a larger "donut" of 960 meters. The parcels I checked were all subdivided on June 29, 2012. Unfortunately I am close to my tier limit, or I would buy the whole thing just to put it back together the right way. Sigh.