Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bowing to the Inevitable

Full disclosure here:  The following is a shameless plug.  Out and out advertising.  A Message From Our Sponsor (me!)

As I've mentioned several times in these pages, Second Life is experiencing a land glut...there is too much land for too few avatars.  This has caused the price of land to drop significantly (purchase price that is, not monthly tier.)  It has also resulted in a lot of vacancies all over the grid.  A LOT of vacancies.

Masocado has not been immune to this.  Although we are located on some of the best land you will find on the Second Life mainland, with all the open ocean of the Blake Sea and surrounding regions, our vacancy rate has been gradually creeping up.

As a result, I've decided to reduce our prices.  You can now rent a two story condominium at the Masocado Resort for just $L2195 per calendar month (down from $L2495), with no reduction in prim allowance (300 prims).  Extra prims, or liveaboard yacht slip rentals, are available at $L7.5 per prim per month (down from $L9)

In addition to its outstanding location, the Masocado Resort has lots of amenities.
  • Radio and HD TV receiver on request.
  • A retro-themed dance club, Ava's Gardens.  
  • Free rezzable jet skis, fishing boats, and WarBug airplanes.  
  • Seven Seas fishing.  
  • Skydive launcher.  
  • Game room with several popular free-to-play games.  
  • Couples and singles dancing enabled throughout the sim.  
  • Dock space for your small craft.
  • Swimming animation enabled throughout the harbor
Living at the Masocado Resort compares very favorably to a Linden Home.  You get almost three times as many prims, for a cost that is nearly $1.00 LESS per month than a Premium membership.  There is less lag, and the location is much better.  I like to think that the Management is a lot more responsive, too.

Come check us out!  Or if you have a place of your own already, send your newbie friends who are looking for a home.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog!


  1. wow! that is a beautiful build in your image and your SL prices are incredibly low! community is important and the care you have put into yours is worth a lot more than it costs to live there =)

  2. If only residents realize how it is wonderful to live near the sea, i bet land prizes there would be raising, even with all the mess that LL does!
    I was so happy to find a small island at the Blake sea that i don't mind paying for only 880 prims half of what i pay for 3750 on a private homestead!
    And i don't regret for a second to pay for 2 homes as long as they have great landlords that make all the difference!

  3. I sailed to its borders, it is a lovely one and from there any can really go almost to any continent that has water linking them (As far as i know, Athol, Nautilius Corsica and Gaeta can already being reached by boat or plane)!