Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Masocado Down! Up! Down!

The last several days have been very annoying at my home region of Masocado.  The region keeps dropping off line for no apparent reason...sometimes as many as five times  a day.

When I noticed the first occurrence, I contacted Support using Live Chat.  Believe me, Live Chat is absolutely worth the price of a Premium membership!  Every time I have used it, the response has been fast, polite, and competent...and my problem has been resolved within minutes.

The Live Chat assistant got us up and running again in short order.  But only a short time later, WHAM!  We went off line again.  Another call to Live Chat, and another restart.  But then it happened AGAIN.  And AGAIN!

This kept up for several days, through about eight or ten occurrences.  Finally this morning, Derrick Linden of Live Chat suggested I submit a Support Ticket to initiate a more detailed investigation of whatever was causing the problem. great as it is to work with the people in Live Chat, working with the people who handle Support Tickets is a royal pain.  Bianca Linden responded to my ticket, saying "Well, I went there and it's running fine now (well, duh!  Of course it was, Live Chat had just restarted the region.)  She went on to say "I checked the logs and didn't see anything out of the ordinary."

Say what?  Ten restarts in four days is normal behavior?  Lady, my tenants are starting to complain, and I don't blame them!

And, "Do you get an error message when you try to access the sim?"  Um...yes and no.  It depends on HOW you try to get to an offline region.  If you log in to one, you are automatically shunted to a random Welcome Area.  If you try to teleport there, you get a "Teleport Failed" message.  If you try to walk or fly from a neighboring region, you see only empty ocean where your destination ought to be, and you run into the familiar "void" barrier showing there's nothing on the other side of the border.

The last straw was her closing suggestion: "If you have problems with it again, update this ticket with more information."  Oh, sure.  I'm going to let my tenants twiddle their thumbs for hours or days while an updated Support Ticket makes its way through the System?  I don't think so.  Sure, I'll update the ticket every time we go offline.  But I'm also gonna call the nice people at Live Chat for a timely (if, so far, temporary) fix.

EDIT, THE NEXT DAY:  Bianca Linden responded to the additional information I submitted (which was a shorter version of this post.)  She told me that LL had been experiencing "hosting issues" on a number of regions, but that the problems had been fixed.  And indeed, we seem to be back up and running smoothly for the last day and half.  I assume "hosting issues" is shorthand for "the server farm provider tripped over the power cords."


  1. So true and so sad!
    Every time i used the live support chat i had my problems sorted!
    All times i see others have to use the tickets (Guess only premium can use Life chat, all the rest need to fill tickets, a reason for me to believe that tickets are ignored promptly!) the problem remains and the Lab replies are always less then helpful and most of cases, simply plain ignorant!

  2. I can testify that it was a smooth flying trip from Honnah Lee Ne to your lovely bulding and safe return as well (Even if i had to avoid some nasty security orbs along the way, i really wish all sim owners would adopt a gold rule, no sky boxes above 2500m, sims being open to all and no sec orbs, this on mainland or sims next to water ones!

  3. If you encounter bothersome security orbs on MY land, please let me know. We have two, on a couple of skyboxes, but they are (supposed to be) set to fairly short range to avoid annoying travelers.

  4. No i didn't had any problems flyng over your land at all:)
    In fact i do wish all who own sims in mainland could follow your rules, that i do trust are same as on my covenant and many others on the regions about Blake Sea!
    I fear the problem is just users that can't understand the beauty of having all sims connected and free to pass by!
    But i know i'm a bit to harsh as i still own a full sim and that 1 is full private with only group acess, but its is not connected to any other sim, so there i can do that and i know the freedom that is owning a region that i don't have to worry about some coming when we are in need of some privacy and its Adult rating (For Gods sake how i wish that all the blake seas and mainland connected by it would be adult as well, if LL was clever, they would make same around Zindra as well!