Monday, August 20, 2012

You Must Be At Least This Tall

I just read a question in the Second Life "Answers" forum from a little furry avatar who complained about being auto-ejected from places because his/her avatar was "too short".

Rant mode on!

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in Second Life.  It's legal, of course.  Land owners have the right to keep out anyone they choose, for any reason they choose.  But using a scripted gadget to boot everyone who doesn't, er, measure up is in my opinion a Really Stupid Move.

Firstly:  Almost every place in SL would like to have more traffic.  Excluding a whole class of avatars is completely contrary to that goal.

Secondly:  Not all short avatars are child avatars.  Tinies, petites, and many Furries are all short.  Heck, even the "vehitar" vehicular avatars provided by LL for new residents are short!

Thirdly:  Not all adult HUMAN avatars are tall.  Some people simply choose not to adhere to the Second Life standard of six to seven foot tall avatars, and choose something more akin to their Real Life height...which may very well be under the "height limit" set by the land owner on her auto-boot device.

Fourthly:  Child avatars are allowed, by Linden Lab policy, everywhere in Second Life...even in Adult regions.  The only caveat set by the Lab is that child avatars may not engage in explicit sexual activities.  I can understand the desire of the owner of a strip club or an escort service or public sex area to keep the kiddies out and avoid abetting sexual age-play.  But a blanket restriction based on height alone seems overly draconian.

To all the child avatars out there, and all the merely height-challenged avatars, I say:  Be yourself in Second Life, the person YOU want to be!  If you run into thoughtless policies or "height-checking" devices, just cross that place off your list.  There are 30,000 other places to go in Second Life.

Rant mode off.  Have a great week, everyone!

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