Saturday, September 8, 2012

Classroom Discipline, Part II

We had a minor epidemic of nudity in my class at Caledon Oxbridge University tonight.  Since Oxbridge is a General region, and the citizens of Caledon are genteel Victorian ladies and gentlemen, this was a matter of somewhat more concern that it might be in some other places.

The first was a girl.  She came in and sat down while I was lecturing, and it was a little while before I realized that she was nude.  In between bits of the lecture, I IM'd her privately.

"Do you realize that you are naked?"
"I'm not."
(at this point, I suspected an SL glitch, a bug I've seen before.  I quickly took a picture of her, and passed it to her.)
"I believe you.  But this is what I'm seeing on my screen."
She got up and promptly left the room.  I continued both my lecture in local chat, and my IM with her, in case she thought I was playing some trick on her.
"This is a bug I've seen before.  It's very annoying."
"I'll re-log."
"Good idea."
After a few minutes, she reappeared, properly clothed.
"Yay, you're fixed!"

A bit later, a gentleman walked into the classroom and sat down.  He'd been clothed on his way in, but when I noticed him again, he'd taken off every stitch.

"Mr. ----, please put some clothes on."
He did so promptly, but also jumped up and flew out of the classroom.

Now, in both these cases, I could have ejected and banned the offenders.  It being a General region, I could even have Abuse Reported them.  But I didn't.  In the first case, the offense was unwitting, and promptly corrected.  In the second, I feel the offender was attempting to disrupt the class, but a firm yet polite stance, and a complete failure to appear shocked or flustered, solved the problem.

I am not relating these incidents to show what a marvelous teacher and disciplinarian I am.  They are simply examples of how, by keeping one's temper, a lot of acrimony and Drama can be avoided.

This works outside the classroom too.  The other day, my home region was offline (yes, again!) and I was logged into an Adult infohub instead.  While I fired up my web browser to contact Live Chat, I sat myself down on the nearest railing.  As I was sitting there, an IM window opened up.  And the first comment was:

"Nice tits"

I was MOST annoyed by this rudeness.  But I chose to simply ignore it, even though I very badly wanted to snap back a rejoinder.  This silent treatment worked perfectly.  The oaf gave up and moved on to his next victim.

Stay frosty out there!