Saturday, October 6, 2012

Full Steam Ahead? I Wonder...

Hello, faithful readers!  Still out there?  If so, thank's been way too long since my last update here.

Many of you have heard that Second Life will soon be available through Steam, the big game-distribution web site/service run by Valve.  You may see this as a good thing, or not...resident opinions have been mixed.  As for me, I'm taking a wait and see position on this one.

But one thing perplexes me.  Valve has a "no adult content" policy.  Oh sure, a lot of the games they distribute have blood, gore, criminal activities, and extreme violence.  But naked people?  Sex?  No way, says Valve.

A few weeks ago, a developer put up a new game on Steam.  It was a dating/flirting/hookup simulation.  If you were smooth and cool, you could talk a beautiful woman into going off somewhere with you...and you got rewarded with a racy "bedroom scene".  The game was up for a day, maybe even less, before Valve yanked it as being in violation of their no adult content rules.

Now, that's OK with me.  I think the policy is pretty stupid, but's their company, and they can make the rules.  What bothers me is that Second Life contains just a teeny leetle bit of adult content...

Well, OK.  More than a bit.  Well, considerable.  Oh heck, all right:  everyone knows that SL is all about Teh Secks. 

I wonder if the folks at the Lab have mentioned this to the folks over at Valve?  And if they have, how do the folks at Valve reconcile this with their current policy?  Just asking.


  1. I wonder if the product that will be placed on steam will be Second Life or instead one of the new games!

    1. While Patterns or some other product might ALSO wind up on Steam, SL itself has been advertised in the official LL blog as being made available there.

  2. Well then one has to wondrer, if valve will brak its rule, or SL will suddenly forbid any adyult content, lol (We all know how it depends of it!)

  3. Interesting blog post.

    Patterns is now on Steam.

    My blog is now
    Please can you update your blog list. Thanks

    Daniel Voyager.

    1. Thank you, Daniel! I'd wondered why your blog had not had any updates for so long! My bad.