Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Musings on an SL Halloween

It seems like just a few weeks ago I was doing this...decorating our sim for Halloween.  And here I am today, dusting off the ghosts, the Jack O' Lanterns, and the coffins.  Hanging spiderwebs and placing the Ghost Ship in our harbor, changing the sky and water to an eerie setting, building the Haunted Graveyard... Yes, another SL Halloween is just around the corner.

Halloween is a huge holiday in Second Life; the residents give it even more attention, perhaps, than Christmas.  It's a little puzzling to me...since EVERY day in SL is, in a sense, a vast costume party.

We change our bodies nearly as often as we change our clothes.  Many of us spend our virtual lives as fantasy characters...mermaids, faeries, or vampires.  And yet, for this one season, we go even further, pulling out all the stops.

I enjoy decorating the sim, but I never seem to be able to decorate myself nearly as well as some of my friends do.  I don't want to look gross or scary, and I'm already about as sexy as I can imagine myself (she said modestly) would be hard to find a costume that was an improvement.  The best I was able to accomplish in that vein was back about four years ago, when I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. 

Simply finding a skimpy, revealing little outfit is not the answer that it is in Real many SL women dress in little nothings every day that it just doesn't have any impact.

Sigh...I guess I just don't have the imagination that it takes to compete in the SL Halloween lists.  But don't let that stop YOU...look around at some of the great Halloween builds, check out the SL Markeplace, and do something spooktacular this year!


  1. Maybe people should overdress for Halloween inworld? It would certainly be different!

    1. Many do! Fully cloaked Grim Reapers, people in huge frilly full-skirted gowns, giant robots, Godzilla, and the Michelin Man from Ghostbusters, just to mention a few.