Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"I'm Bored"

Every once in a while, I come across this.  Last night, I was sitting with some friends and some newcomers at Caledon Oxbridge University.  One of the newbies, call her "Susie", was restless.  She'd flit off for a few minutes, then come back and rejoin the group.  And then after another few minutes, she'd say, "I'm bored" and flit off again.

This, plus other behaviors, made all of us pretty sure she was quite young.  Possibly even too young to be using Second Life legally.  "I'm booooored" is a little kid's whine.

There are so many things to see and do in Second Life that it takes real effort to be bored.  Or a total lack of imagination, or perhaps a lack of initiative.

"I'm bored" is a demand for attention.  "Pay attention to ME!  Entertain me.  I'm supposed to be having fun and you're supposed to be providing it."

I refuse to be used in this fashion, or rise to the bait.  But Susie....and anyone else who's bored out are some things you might look into to change that.

  • Explore.  You can use Search to find places that intrigue you or that match your interests, or you can visit blogs like Inara Pey's that showcase many beautiful places.  Or you can just open the map, find a cluster of green dots, and teleport at random.  You never know what you might find with this method.
  • Build, or learn to build.  I can while away a lot of hours tossing prims around and coming up with a new design for a house, or furniture.  Find some tutorials, learn some new skills.  You can venture out of Second Life and learn your way around GIMP or Blender or Photoshop.  Figure out how to paint a skin, or design a dress.  Learn LSL and create a script to do something.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Travel by vehicle.  Get an airplane, or a helicopter or balloon.  Get a sailboat.  See how far you can travel, and what you can find along the way.
  • Take pictures.  When you find a pretty place, take a picture of it!  Then learn how to take better pictures, using both the in world tools and post-processing in GIMP or Photoshop.
  • Take a class.  Many places offer classes in both Real Life and Second Life topics.  Try NCI for starters.  Search will turn up many others.
  • Go shopping.  You can do this even if you have no money.  Visit some of the many freebie stores.  Join a Midnight Mania or Lucky Chairs group.
  • Hunt.  This combines both shopping and exploring.  A Google search will give you information about many hunts in Second Life.
  • Roleplay.  Find a roleplay region, create a character, join the group, and have fun with the collaborative storytelling that is roleplay.
  • Play a Game.  There are all sorts of games in SL.  Board games like "Greedy Greedy".  Sports like the "En Garde" fencing game.  Golf.  Tennis.  Fishing.  Games of chance skill like Zyngo.
  • Visit an Amusement Park.  There are quite a few, from the venerable Prim Hearts to some frighteningly exact copies of Disney theme parks.
  • Meet people.  This is easy to do, just go to crowded places and talk to people.  Just don't say, "I'm bored", OK?


  1. Hi, there. May I troll differently in a bid to get attention, lol. 1) What's with the yellow as opposed to the more usual green arrow? 2) Is there any way I can see a bigger minimap (no, not the World one, either) so I can more easily pick out the names of avatars from the mass of overlapping green dots?

  2. A yellow avatar symbol indicates someone on your Friends list. If an avatar is at your altitude, the symbol is a dot. If they are below you, the symbol is v, and if they are above you the symbol is ^

    You can zoom in closer in either the main world map or the minimap, by placing your cursor inside the map and using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom.

  3. Hi, Lindal!
    I found your blog at a post on the forums (I had posted about a problem withe the in-world Search).
    I so agree with you about the "I'm bored," thing. I know there are slow days - but usually not in SL. So much to see and do - so many places to go!
    Thank you for pointing sharing your list of things to look into, as well.
    Now, I'm off to an art exhibit!

  4. "Travel by vehicle. Get an airplane, or a helicopter or balloon. Get a sailboat. See how far you can travel, and what you can find along the way."

    Hrmm.. You probably know by now I have historically been a big fan of traveling by vehicle, but anymore, forget about it. I can get about 40 meters before I hit a full parcel, a border glitch or an aggressively hostile "security" script. My Lost and Found folder is rife with evidence of my vehicle travel misfortunes over the last couple years.

    That said, I would take "build" and instead say "create". Anyone can create scenes in spaces, even if they aren't particularly adept at building content. All you need is the space to do it, and whatever you can afford to spend on content. Much can even be had for free. I spent a lot of time doing this in my early years, before I ever textured my first prim, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fun, creative brain exercise, and subliminally you'll be teaching yourself the art of 3D design, and learning what makes a scene "work" and what doesn't. Developing an ability to create a scene imparts indispensable knowledge to the art of creating content for a scene.

    1. I find the Ban Line HUD to be a great tool for locating ban lines and full parcels before I hit them head on. Also, I recommend traveling over water as much as possible...there are fewer obstructions and hazards.