Sunday, January 6, 2013

Second Life Slang

Today, Dav2 IM'd me in world to offer some comments on the blog.  His main two:  He couldn't post a comment, and I was failing to define my terms.

Sorry, Dav...I'm not sure why you had comment problems.  I do moderate comments, but the blog should have accepted your comment and passed it to me to approve for publication.  Do you have a Google or Yahoo or FaceBook identity?  Using it may help.

As for the terms...I do make an effort to word things here so that people who don't use Second Life, or who are new to Second Life, can understand.  I try not to use too much Second Life slang, or unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations.  For example, I went to great lengths a few days ago to explain the events leading up to the current upset that some users are feeling over the winding-down of the popular Phoenix viewer.  But it's hard, you know?  One gets used to talking to people who know all the slang and idioms, and they creep into all your communications, even outside of SL.

I thought maybe I could just point people to a Wiki page.  I found one:  There's only one problem:  it's terribly out of date and incomplete.  Some of the terms there are no longer in use, and others that ARE in common use aren't listed.

Here's a slightly better one:

Here is a list aimed more at multiplayer online games in general, not Second Life in particular:

This one isn't acronyms and abbreviations, but does define common SL terms very well:

Here is one of the most complete, although its authors agree that it needs updating too:

OK...enough, already.  I've convinced myself that it would be re-inventing the wheel to come up with my own glossary.  Remember, Dav...Google Is Your Friend!

Oh, and your suggestion about poseballs?  Good one!  I'll try to remember to talk about them tomorrow.

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