Friday, March 29, 2013

Strawberry Singh and the Seven Facts

Well, this could be fun.  My friend Web Spelunker pointed me to a blog post by Strawberry Singh, in which she lists "seven Second Life facts" about herself and encourages others to do the same.  I'm not usually a big fan of this sort of thing, but this one intrigues me for some I'll play.

My SL Fact #1:
I'm a teacher.  It's not just what I do, it's what I AM.  It's all too easy to get me into Teaching Mode...just ask me a question!

My SL Fact #2:
I'm reluctant to carry around too much cash.  Whenever I have more than about $L5,000, I'll send the excess to my alt for safekeeping.  I worry that I'd spend it all on even more stuff to pack into my 32,000+ item inventory.

My SL Fact #3:
I love notecards!  I use the notecard function to write "letters" to my friends, especially when it's about something that I want to be able to think about and revise and get "just right".  Chat and IMs are nice, but they are so immediate and don't allow time for reflection.

My SL Fact #4:
I'm a homebody.  When I'm in world, you can usually find me in one of three places:  My home region of Masocado, Caledon Oxbridge University, or White Tiger Help Island.  There are 20,000+ other places to explore, I know!  But I seldom get out there to explore them.  I made an exception the other night, and visited the re-creation of the famous Hotel Chelsea in New York City.  It's a wonderful build and I recommend it!

My SL Fact #5:
I love building, but I only get a passing grade in texture creation, and I flunk Sculpties and Mesh.  Scripting gives me a migraine, although I can open a script and tweak its parameters.

My SL Fact #6:
I love sailing and flying in Second Life (in Real Life too, although I don't get to do them often).  I wish SL had more reliable support for vehicular travel, and the current region crossing bug is driving me crazy!

My SL Fact #7:
I have two partners.  It's a three way lesbian relationship, which is remarkable because none of us are lesbians or polygamous in Real Life.  Yet we have been together happily in SL for nearly four years now. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Days for Steam VIII!

Oh my gosh, it's March already...almost the end of March, and the annual Steam Hunt is in its final days!

I completely forgot about it.

If you are at all a fan of the steampunk genre, this is a hunt that you should not miss! This year, the theme is "Lost Worlds".  For more information, and to join the hunt, go to

You have until March 31 to get in on the goodies!  For more information in general about Second Life hunts, see my earlier post "On The Hunt"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yo-Ho, Hee-hee! This Loot is Free

Yesterday my friend Jazaar sent me a Marketplace link to AleyMart.  Although I know there are a lot of freebies on the Marketplace, I had never before encountered a Marketplace store that was ENTIRELY freebies.
Good ones, too!  Aley specializes in pirate-themed objects.  There are wooden sailing ships (including the Queen Anne’s Revenge), a number of buildings and other structures with which you can make a Pirate Town, airships, cutlasses, skeletons, treasure, and sunken ruins…and much more.  There are over 300 items in the store, most of them in the pirate or steampunk themes.
Aley has an in world store too.  You’ll find a visit to either or both treasure troves worth your while, matey!  And remember, people who run freebie stores, whether on the Marketplace or in world, have operating expenses just like a for-pay store.  So, if you can, toss a few pieces of eight into the donation jar.

Now on to a store that is decidedly NOT free, but also worth a visit.  It has been a long time since I last visited Mohna Lisa Couture.  My last visit was way back before Mesh.  Mohna Lisa has always had beautiful evening gowns…but now they are offering formal dresses in both full and partial Mesh versions,as well as some with no Mesh parts at all.  Mohna Lisa also sells men's formal wear and bridal fashions.

As well as the fashions being sold, the store itself has been upgraded.  Shopping there gives one a real experience  of entering the world of High Fashion…slick, stylish, expensive and glittery, with gorgeous temptations on display everywhere.
When you visit, take a fat wallet, or your doting partner or boyfriend.  Be prepared to spend a long time browsing…making a choice here isn’t easy!