Sunday, May 26, 2013

FLASH! Cubey Terra Pulls Out

If you've been in SL a while, and are at all into things that fly, you know the name Cubey Terra.  He created many of the first aircraft in SL.

However, Cubey is having a final "Going Out of Business" sale at Abbott's Aerodrome.  All his creations are available, for a limited time, for just $L10 each.

Sure, there are scale aircraft made of Mesh now.  But Cubey's craft fly well, and cross region boundaries reliably.  Here's your chance to pick up a hangar full for pocket change.  Skydiving equipment, jet scooters, balloons, and a blimp are also available, as well as a teleport and an elevator system, and a modular skybox construction set.


  1. Hello. I'm Cubey. Thanks for your attention, but your note isn't accurate.

    * I'm not exactly leaving SL. I'm just not active now.

    * My stuff has been L$10 for several weeks now, and it's not time-limited.

    * I've never had any plan to sell or vacate my little 4096 sq m parcel in the corner of Abbotts.

    But besides that, you're dead-on! :) Help yourself to freebies and cheapies.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Cubey! It's good to know you're not leaving :)

      I got that from some group chat...things must've got garbled in repeated transmission!