Thursday, June 20, 2013

OMG, It's SL10BCC!

This is just the briefest of notes,  composed on my phone.  There are lots of bloggers reporting on Second Life's 10th Birthday and I've been too busy being a Greeter and exploring the exhibits myself to write much about them.   All I can say really,  is GO, GO, GO!  It's total sensory overload, it's a trip through SL's history, and it's a nonstop 24/7 party... parties, really, on five stages.  But it's what and who you will see OFF the stages that's the most fun.  Waterslides, art galleries, displays of avatar evolution.   Last night I had a nice chat with a tree, met an old friend, and saw avatars ranging from 2006's Ruth to a Dalek from Doctor Who.

The official Birthday is this Sunday, June 23, but the Birthday Sims will remain open through the 29th.  You will definitely need more than one visit to see it all, or even a respectable percentage of it all.


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